Understanding the Bible Like Never Before

Jesse’s first deployment was to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. His particular line of duty put him in dangerous situations daily. Jesse, already a Christian, read the Bible. Although reading it gave him encouragement, he had no understanding of what the Bible was really saying.

One day an Army buddy asked him, “Why do you read the Bible? Nobody understands it.” He then asked him what so-and-so begetting so-and-so in Matthew was about. Jesse couldn’t explain it to him, because he didn’t really understand it either. But he told himself that he needed to.

Then he got hold of the New Testament Recovery Version. Jesse says that the very first footnote on Matthew 1:1 blew his mind when he saw how the genealogy of Christ relates to us today.

Here’s what Jesse says about the Recovery Version:

Every footnote just leads you more to Christ, and makes you love Christ more. Seeing the Word opened in such a deep way, and seeing the interpretation of the Bible with the Bible…wow. Everyone needs this Bible. It changed my life. You see how the Bible, the Word of God, is applicable and experienceable today.

Watch former Army Ranger Jesse Maladuongdock talk about the Recovery Version and how it helps him understand the Bible.

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