Adorned with God's Salvation

06 Apr 2016

Luke 15:22—“But the father said to his slaves, Bring out quickly the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet.”

Note 7 on sandals says: “Signifying the power of God’s salvation to separate the believers from the dirty earth. Both the ring and the sandals were signs of a free man. The adornment, consisting of the robe on the body, the ring on the hand, and the sandals on the feet, allowed the poor prodigal to match his rich father and qualified him to enter the father’s house and feast with the father. God’s salvation adorns us with Christ and the Spirit that we may enjoy the riches in His house.”

The verse and note are from the Recovery Version, published by Living Stream Ministry. The Recovery Version outlines, footnotes, and cross-references were all prepared by Witness Lee. Bibles for America gives away the New Testament Recovery Version for free. You can order your free copy here.

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