How to Build Up the Habit of Spending Time with the Lord Jesus in the Morning

December 29, 2013

We hope you’ve read our previous post “The Best Time of the Day to Spend with the Lord.” Today’s post builds on that; we’ll discuss some helpful points for how to get started on building up the habit of having regular morning time with the Lord. In a future post, we’ll discuss some ways we can spend time with the Lord in the morning.

Being motivated

To build up any good habit, we need to be motivated. Knowing the benefits of having a particular habit can motivate us. But understanding the detriments of not having a particular habit can also motivate us. Both positive and negative reasons can motivate us.

For instance, if we know that regular—not occasional—exercise helps us feel better, work more efficiently, and even live longer, we’re motivated to get off our chairs and get active and moving. Keeping these positive benefits in mind helps us to persevere, even when we don’t feel like exercising.

As another example, knowing what can happen to our teeth if we don’t regularly brush and floss can encourage us develop proper dental habits. We don’t floss because we enjoy it; we floss because we’re motivated by the negative results if we don’t.

So on the positive side, our spending time with the Lord Jesus each morning directly affects our spiritual life and our daily living. When we enjoy Him and His Word in the morning, we’re nourished and supplied with His life to face the challenges of the day. By being nourished, we’ll grow in the life of Christ.

But on the negative side, if we don’t develop a habit of having personal time with the Lord, we’ll find it difficult to maintain our vitality and joy. Because we’re weak from lack of spiritual nourishment, we’ll succumb to temptations more easily. Our personal knowing of Christ and growth in His life will be hindered.

Needing to practice

The characteristic of a habit is that it’s part of your life. If you only do a thing occasionally, it’s not yet a habit. But a habit isn’t built overnight. It takes time and repeated practice. And in the process of building up a good habit, we have times when we fail. But if we understand that it takes practice, we won’t get overly discouraged by our occasional lapses. We just pick up our practice again.

It’s the same with building up the habit to spend time with the Lord each morning. It takes time and practice to make this a regular, normal part of our lives.

Some practical pointers:

  • Spend some time to pray about this matter. The Lord wants to have a personal relationship with us; surely He will answer our prayers concerning this. He will be faithful to remind us of our desire and intention to build up this habit. We can pray, “Lord Jesus, I really want to start my day with You, not other things. Lord, supply me with the grace each morning to put everything else aside so I can be with You first.” Praying about this opens the way for the Lord to be the grace we need to practice each morning to build up this healthy spiritual habit.
  • Go to bed a little earlier so that you can get up earlier to have enough time before you start your day. Burning the candle on both ends—staying up very late and trying to get up early enough to have time—usually results in failure and discouragement. By scheduling, you’ll have the time specifically carved out to be with the Lord each morning.
  • Keep in mind that it takes time to build up a lifelong habit. If we fail, we can start again fresh the next morning. There’s no need for us to give up. The Lord’s mercy is new to us every morning. We can take one day at a time.
  • Some find it helpful to use a printed copy of the Bible rather than a digital one during this time. Since e-mail, news, and texts are all just a click away, it’s easy to become distracted with things on our digital devices. Especially when starting out, it’s good to minimize distractions when we can.
  • You can start by aiming for a short time each morning, maybe ten minutes, and build up to a solid twenty minutes. If you have more time, you can spend more time. It’s up to you. The main thing is to receive spiritual nourishment in the Word and to contact the Lord Jesus to fellowship with Him.

Watch for the next post on this topic where we’ll discuss some things you can do during your time with the Lord in the morning.



  • Renjon Sumampong Endrina says:

    learned something about bible..

  • Dear sir
    Thank you for vital Message. It is very helpful way

  • Linda wayman says:

    I have made this a practice and it is my life.there is nothing like peace when all he’ll is around us.this is supernatural.this is Jesus God and Holy Spirit.Thank you for sending emails.Love your bible and books.God is withyou.

  • Marie Herman says:

    Thank you for your message this morning. I need to get out of bed and spend time with the Lord. Why is it so hard for me to pray? I’m 66 years old and when I started living for the Lord I was 35 years old. I wish I could go back to my first love. I have some health problems that also keep me from getting up in the mornings. Please pray for me.
    Thank You
    Marie Herman

    • I’m a 63yr. old woman that have similiar kind of health problems & if we pray for each other the Lord Jesus will Heal & help us with all our needs!! It takes me quite awhile in the morning to get going and from your statement you have that same kind of problem. I was 27 yrs. old when I first accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior and I to desire to go back to that first love & I to need people to pray for me because it is very hard to pray when you have health problems that hinder your prayer & devotional time with our Lord Jesus!!!! Please Pray for me!!!!

  • Harry Davis says:

    This is something that I definitely want to be successful at. Strike that. I WILL be successful! Thank You for this very important information. Time set aside to spend with the Lord our Father is time well spent.

  • Honora Jack says:

    It’s a wonderful experience to start your day reading the word of God and praying.As a believer I find when I do those things it makes me a stronger christian. I don’t easily get angry at work and people around me recognize that my life style is completely different from an unsaved individual. I do want to thank you for your encouragement because prayer is the believers medicine. We all should be taking our medicine (pray) every day so that we can feel better. May God continue to bless your ministry . It encourages us all the time.

    • Seth Ofori Boateng says:

      Thank you for your blessed message and I have started this morning with Jesus a year ago and its wonderful. If I don’t meet HIM in the morning I fell I lost something.Thank you again and GOD BLESSING.

  • As much as we need God’s mercy to practice having a personal time with Jesus every morning, I’ve discovered one thing- this is NOT a matter of spirituality. It’s exceedingly practical. In other words if you’re having trouble with this and you ask me for prayer, I will pray for you, but then I will ask you some practical questions along the lines listed above. Same goes for helping me. :)
    For me, three practical points have been key:

    1) Ditch the iphone and go for something printed. Giving your iphone preeminence in your day is especially easy for those of us who set our alarm on our phone.

    2) Be vocal. At least for some of the time, voice your prayers, thanks, and conversation with the Lord. It has helped me anchor my wandering mind to my spirit. Singing is especially good out loud.

    3) Get outside if possible, even if just briefly for the beginning. I don’t know why this helps me but it does. I often come back inside to finish my time with the Lord, but especially at the beginning it helps me wake up and find my spirit faster.

    Anyway, thanks for the practical tips BFA! This is such a key habit to develop, we can use all the fellowship we can get.

  • Renee Barry says:

    But on the negative side, if we don’t develop a habit of having personal time with the Lord, we’ll find it difficult to maintain our vitality and joy. Because we’re weak from lack of spiritual nourishment, we’ll succumb to temptations more easily. Our personal knowing of Christ and growth in His life will be hindered.

    Thank you for this post. A great reminder for everyday. I’ve printed my copy to keep ever before me in my prayer time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Veronica Kelley says:

    I was elated and so grateful to find you. I’ve been truly blessed! thank you. God is wonderfully good!

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