How to Spend Time with the Lord Jesus in the Morning

January 12, 2014

We previously talked about the importance of building up a habit of spending time with the Lord each morning. This is a wonderful habit to develop and is key to growing in your relationship with Christ.

But we haven’t yet talked about what to do during that morning time. And almost any believer might ask, “How do I spend time each morning with the Lord? How do I talk to Him? What should this morning time look like?”

Fortunately, we don’t have to come up with answers all on our own. Throughout the centuries, Christians who loved the Lord and sought to grow in their relationship with Christ discovered through the Word and through their own experience many enjoyable, beneficial ways to spend their mornings with Him.

We’ll go through some of these discoveries below. But first, let’s quickly refresh our view on why we want to spend this time with the Lord.

What’s the goal of our morning time with the Lord?

Spending time with the Lord Jesus each morning isn’t to fulfill some kind of religious duty or perform a ritual. If we just “clock in” and “clock out” without our heart being in it or our spirit engaged, we may develop a habit, but it won’t be an enjoyable one. And that won’t help us to personally know the Lord more or to grow in His life. Having only an outward routine or a dead practice is pointless and fruitless.

So instead, we should approach our time in the morning as an opportunity to be with the One we love, our dear Savior Christ, in an intimate, personal way. The Lord Jesus is a living, loving, wonderful person who lives in our spirit. The goal of this time is to contact Him in our spirit to  be nourished by Him in His Word, to enjoy Him, to receive His speaking, and to speak to Him.

With this in mind, here are some ways we can spend time with the Lord each morning.

Calling upon His name

Sometimes just calling upon the Lord’s name is the best prayer. We can simply pray, “Oh, Lord Jesus,” as we open our heart to Him and exercise our spirit to contact Him. As we call, we can pray further, “Lord Jesus, I turn my heart to You again this morning. Lord Jesus, I want to contact You in my spirit to receive Your life.” When we call, we contact the Lord as the Spirit in us, and we receive His life. In one of her wonderful hymns, M.E. Barber puts this well: “Just to breathe the name of Jesus is to drink of life indeed.

Telling the Lord we love Him

The Lord wants our love, and we have a sweet sensation when we greet the Lord whom we love each morning with, “Lord Jesus, I love You.” The more we tell Him we love Him, the more our love for Him will grow, and the more we will enjoy His love for us. Our hearts will become softer and more open toward Him.

Praising the Lord

We can praise and thank the Lord for all He’s done and for who He is. For example, we might praise Him with the wonderful facts we find in His Word:

“Lord Jesus, I praise You for Your accomplishment and victory on the cross.”

“Praise You, Lord, You are the resurrection and the life.”

“Praise You, Lord Jesus, You are God, and You are the perfect sinless man.”

“Lord, You are the Lamb of God—praise You!”

In His Word, we can find many aspects of Christ to praise Him for. He is worthy of our praise!

Thanking the Lord

Ephesians 5:18 and 20 tell us that we can be filled in our human spirit with His Spirit by giving thanks. We can also thank the Lord based on the Word and for who He is to us in our lives. For example:

“Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your new mercy to me this morning.”

“Thank You, Lord, for being my life.”

“Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me and saving me.”

“Oh Lord, thank You for living in me and being in me always.”

“Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being the bread of life to me.”

We have so much to thank Him for!

Confessing our sins

We can confess our sins to the Lord and experience His forgiveness and cleansing each morning. This is very important as we fellowship with Him. We’ve all experienced how awkward it is to be around someone we’ve argued with or offended. It’s difficult to even talk with each other. We may care for each other, but a barrier separates us, making it hard to have a pleasant time together.

Our relationship with the Lord Jesus is even more delicate. He lives in us and knows all things. Although He wants a personal relationship with us, He can’t tolerate sin. So when we’ve sinned or failed Him in some way, we sense a barrier separating us from Him.

But when we confess our sins to Him, we experience His forgiveness and washing. His cleansing blood removes the barrier, and we sense that there’s nothing between the Lord and us. Then we can fellowship freely with Him with a light and open heart.

Reading and praying the Word

We can read His Word in the morning and use His Word to pray. At this time, it’s best not to read too many verses but to instead focus our prayer on one or two. We can use other times to study His Word. The goal here is to receive nourishment from it.

Suppose you’re in John 4 in your regular Bible reading. You can read the chapter, or half of it if it’s a long chapter, and then pray over one or two verses the Lord touches you with. And you can use that Word as your prayer. For example, you could pray with verses 10 and 14: “Lord Jesus, You are the living water. Oh Lord, I come to You right now to drink of You. Only You can give me the water that quenches my deep thirst. Thank You, Lord, You are now the living water in me, even a fountain of water springing up into eternal life. Thank You, Lord, for being such a fountain to me.”

Whatever else we do in the morning, to receive substantial nourishment we should always include some time in the Word in prayer. We can speak to the Lord with His Word and He can speak to us in His Word. As we pray over and with the Word of God, His Word nourishes, refreshes, enlightens, and strengthens us.

Singing to the Lord

Sometimes a hymn expresses what is in us better than our words can say and causes us to really open to the Lord. The mornings are a great time to spend to sing to Him. Ephesians 5:18 and 19 tell us that by singing with our hearts to the Lord, we can be filled in our spirit with His Spirit. At are many excellent hymns you can use and their accompanying music.

Not a method but a Person

In addition, we can certainly pray to the Lord and ask Him about different matters or persons in our lives, but it’s best to start off by contacting Him and enjoying Him first. He’s a person, and we want to come to Him first in a personal way rather than coming to Him to immediately pray over our “list.” Then, when we’ve contacted Him in our spirit and enjoyed Him in His Word, He will lead us how to pray for these other matters according to His will.

Of course, the six points above are not in any particular order and shouldn’t be taken as a formula. For example, we may begin our morning by praising the Lord and thanking Him. But the Lord may speak to us about our disobedience in something from the day before, and we can then confess that sin to Him. Or sometimes we may pray over His Word, call on His name, and sing to Him all at the same time. The main thing is to open our heart and to exercise our spirit to touch the living Person of Christ. This keeps our time from becoming something methodical and dead. As we practice, the Lord will show us in our spirit how to contact Him in a living way.

What has been your experience of spending time with the Lord in the morning?



  • Afua Foriwaa Opoku says:


  • Amen to that each and every day The LORD IS A SUPPLIER to our spirit

  • not very good I need to start doing it nite jist getting up saying Thank you Lord but being more intimate with him

  • Linda Weems says:

    I love my Lord and I love spending time with him,talking to Him,Praising Him,Loving Him.He is my day,my life!

  • jacob Aguilar says:

    Amen and yes thank you lord jesus …lord I love you …amen brother

  • Henry Serwanga says:

    wow!!!!! O Lord Jesus cause us to be such ones who begin our days ( mornings) in and with You not of self efforts but out of love and by your grace.

  • Germain Efala says:

    Far from being a form to follow, but it helps us to be precise on our way to contact the Lord in the morning.

  • Loving You is the pleasure of my life!

  • Irene Harvey says:

    Well every Morning when I awake I Pray and Thank My Lord and Savior for sending His Guardian Angels to watch by my Bedside as I slept and I also Thank Him For Sending His Only Begotten Son to die for my sins, also I ask for His Forgiveness of any sins that I have committed and if I’ve said anything wrong to anyone or thought anything not of Him, to please forgive me of this and to send it to the sea of forgetfulness, never to be heard of again, I then Pray for my Pastor and His family and then I pray for all those that’s sick and in the Hospital, The Bereavement families,those in the Prison camps and those who watch over the prisoners,and then I Pray for my family and love ones. Is this okay the way I’m Praying, waiting for feedback.

    • Bibles for America says:

      Dear Irene,

      We were encouraged to hear about your daily morning prayer time! It’s wonderful that you spend time to thank the Lord and intercede for others every day.

      Something else to consider is that the Lord Jesus wants us to get to know Him better through our prayers, and He also wants us to open up to Him. Jesus wants to make His home deep in our heart (Ephesians 3:17). This means that in our times of prayer with Him, He wants us to open up to Him, to talk to Him about our personal matters, about whatever is on our heart. This is something that we can do in the morning, and even throughout the day.

      He is a Friend who is always with us and who we can tell anything to. As we’re in different situations, we can talk to Him freely and genuinely about whatever we’re thinking and feeling. We can also pray short prayers like:

      - “Lord, make Your home more in my heart today.”
      - “Lord, be with me right now.” and even
      - “Lord, how do you feel about this?”

      When we stop to think about it, there are so many opportunities throughout the day to pray! We hope that each of us can use more and more of these opportunities to turn to and talk to Him.

  • Joanna Sormunen says:

    Thank you for these ideas of a prayer and praise in the morning. I have a lot of difficulties with connecting to God in the morning because I’m a night person and at the morning I’m grumpy and sleepy. I think with clear ideas of what I want to accomplish and how to do it, the morning prayer and communion with God will be a lot easier for me.

  • Oh, Lord, we give our morning time to contact you and love you!

  • Raymond Wang says:

    Amen, I always benefit by spend time to read the Word and calling on His Name. The best way that I experience is weak up very early so that I won’t bother by so many things and enjoy the Lord regularly.

  • Rosedel Rosas says:

    Amen!Spending time with the Lord Jesus isn’t to fulfill some kind of religious duty or perform a ritual. It is to enjoy and absorb more of Him.

  • Julie Doke says:

    Starting out my morning with prayer and reflection has always been key in keeping my eyes on Jesus regardless of the circumstances of the day.
    I have been reading The Economy of God and I am so excited about everything I am learning.
    I praise God for your ministry and ask for extreme blessings be given to Bibles for America to touch others as you have my life!

    • Bibles for America says:

      Hi Julia,

      We’re very happy to hear that you’re enjoying reading the Economy of God. We hope that the things you are learning will deepen your relationship with the Lord and enrich your understanding of the Bible.

  • Linda Weems says:

    I thank God for your ministry and for all I am learning through you and what you have sent me.My time in the morning with my Lord is precious to me.It makes my day so much better.If I miss a morning my day is just not right,and it bugs me all day.I love spending time with my Lord all during the day.I love Him so!

    • Bibles for America says:

      Dear Linda,

      We’re encouraged to hear that your time with the Lord in the morning has become so crucial to your day. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us!

  • Jenny Jiwirak says:

    Whenever I pray, I feel relieved and happy about that new day. Why? Because the Lord has made my day special and lively.

  • Patricia Viramontes says:


  • lydiah kerubo says:

    precious thing in this life is spending time olne with Lord Jesus,love Jesus!

  • lydiah kerubo says:

    when i pray in the morning, i find peace in my heart and the day becomes good, but if i don’t do so i feel that i miss something, i love Jesus.

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