Quote of the Week: John 5:39, note 1

April 24, 2013

John 5:39—“You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is these that testify concerning Me.”

Note 1 on search the Scriptures: “To ‘search the Scriptures’ may be separated from ‘come to Me’ (v. 40). The Jewish religionists searched the Scriptures but were not willing to come to the Lord. These two should go together; because the Scriptures testify concerning the Lord, they should not be separated from the Lord. We may contact the Scriptures, yet not contact the Lord. Only the Lord can give life.”

The verse and note are from the Recovery Version, published by Living Stream Ministry. The Recovery Version outlines, footnotes, and cross-references were all prepared by Witness Lee. Bibles for America gives away the New Testament Recovery Version for free. You can order your free copy on our order page.



  • Quite an enlightening statement. Never thought of it that way.
    One (I) will remember that when reading the Word of God.

    Thank you!

  • Cherylle-Anne says:

    yes it is true, sometimes we really in an effort to study the scriptures, tend to spend a lot of time learning the word, but forget to connect intimately with God. I was just pondering this today with my self, and realizing that even though I am a worshipper, when we stop paying attention to our lover (The Lover of our soul Jesus) we begin to feel a dryness and an emptiness and begin to wonder what is so missing, and even though we question oursaelf and know the answer, we find that unless we begin to press in again and begin to romance The Holy SPirit and designate long periods of time to do so, our soul and spirit will not be refreshed and restored to a state that pleases the Lord. When He is pleased He lets us know in our spirit and our spirit is happy and content and extremely full of gratitude.

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