When Bibles for America first began in 2000, we set a goal of giving away 1 million copies of the New Testament Recovery Version. By 2014 we gave away 1.2 million copies, exceeding that goal. Now we have a new goal: to give away another 1 million Bibles in half the time. Your prayers and generous support make all of this possible.

I’ve been so encouraged and so enlivened by the Holy Spirit’s using the Recovery Version study Bible to make me hunger and thirst for the Word even more. The study notes are deep. God provided this Bible version at this point of my Christian walk because He has made me ready to receive the more in-depth knowledge of our God, Lord, and Advocate—the Almighty Triune God. –Merlina, San Diego, California

& Books

110,000 Bibles given away

502,000 books given away

In 2015 we combined our free book offers into three new book bundles. Sending books out as sets massively reduced our shipping costs, which in turn allows us to reach more people with the truth.

I am so thankful to have found your website and your selfless sharing of free materials. Watchman Nee is like a breath of fresh spiritual air. Thank you for all you do, and may God mightily bless all your endeavors. –Patricia, Monona, Wisconsin

Reaching People Everywhere

17,000 blog subscribers

600,000 video views

Thanks to the Internet, we’re reaching people far beyond the borders of America. People in more than 175 countries have discovered our blog simply by searching for answers to their questions. Many of our posts rank at the top of search results, like “Three Greek Words for Life in the New Testament and How They Apply to Us” and “What Is Transformation in the Bible?

This year we launched two new truth videos based on Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1. In May, we released Joy of Salvation: How to Maintain Your Joy. In November we released The Precious Blood of Christ.

I just wanted to say I love the Bible that I received. And the blog posts help me a lot. I have a better understanding about the Bible now. I’m learning more and more. Thank you so much for this. I appreciate everything that you all are doing. I’m very grateful. –Pamela, Wichita Falls, Texas

BfA Travels America

3 national tours

35 cities visited

For the first time, BfA visited the 100-year-old Crow Fair on the Crow Reservation near Billings, Montana, where we gave away more than 400 Bibles to Native Americans from tribes across North America. Many people, especially many children, prayed to receive the Lord. Our prayer was that many Native Americans would be introduced to the gospel, the Bible, and this ministry during the fair.

I received the Recovery Version today in the mail. I love it. I love the size and the nice case it fits in. It will be easy to carry with me at all times. I’m very excited to read and learn from this Bible. I don’t know much about the Bible, being raised by a self-proclaimed atheist. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this beautiful, precious gift! –Tricia, Crow Reservation

BfA distribution tours provide an opportunity for us to reach people face-to-face with the precious gift of the Word of God in cities across America. This year we visited the Midwest twice, traveling through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South and North Dakota. We also went on our annual Northern California tour, and included visits to Nevada and Oregon. Everywhere we went we were encouraged by the openness and warmth of the people.

Please pray for the seeds sown in all the cities and states we visited. May the Lord reach people through His living Word, and may life and light fill them as they read the New Testament Recovery Version and books they received.

I received my Bible, and to say “WOW” just is not enough. It is absolutely magnificent. Thank you so very much. So often while I’m reading the notes I say to myself, “I hadn’t thought of the verse that way before.” Oh, it’s wonderful. Again, thank you. –Lisa, Nixa, Missouri

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