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The Lord has truly blessed Bibles for America this year. Bibles and Christian books have gone out in an unprecedented way throughout the US. Thanks to your generous support, we’ve been able to supply many people with the riches of God’s Word. As always, we’re thankful for your continued commitment to BfA.

I am currently absorbed in reading your version of the New Testament and enjoying the meat of the Word. –William, Boston, MA

Giving Away Bibles & Books

94,000 Bibles given away

51,600 books given away

223,000 e-books downloaded

This year, we have seen the Lord’s abundant blessing in the increasing number of Bibles being shipped out per month in response to online orders.

In July, we shipped out 5,000 Bibles. In October, we gave away over 11,000 Bibles, and in November, that number increased to 13,000. Our prayer is that many more people will continue to see our offer for a free New Testament Recovery Version and order a copy for themselves.

In September, BfA staff joined local volunteers in Northern and Central California to distribute free Bibles and Christian books. At every campus and venue we visited, people were genuinely happy to receive a free study Bible. In total, we gave away over 300 Bibles, 200 Christian books, and around 1,100 gospel tracts.

Thank you so much! I am so excited that you offer this Bible for free. I have wanted to buy one for so long, but I never have the funds to be able to do it. Thank you again. –Treysha, Haltom City, TX

Bible Slipcover Redesign

This year, we refreshed how our Bibles are packaged, with a crisp paper cover that matches our website design. It points to our online resources on the back and the spine is labeled “A Bible You Can Understand.”

Because the Bibles are shrink-wrapped, this eye-catching branding is visible to everyone as it travels through the distribution channels, from postal workers to the friends and family of each recipient.

I want to thank your organization for sending me the New Testament Recovery Version. I really like the outlines and the way it is written. I will enjoy reading God’s Word daily. –Beatrice, Marmora, NJ

New Physical Book Offer

5,500 copies given away

In early August, we switched to a new title in our rotation of books that we give away: The All-inclusive Christ by Witness Lee. Since then, we’ve mailed out over 5,500 copies.

We’ve written blog posts about Christ as the good land to encourage readers of the BfA Blog to order copies of The All-inclusive Christ, including How to See, Experience, and Enjoy Christ as our Good Land Today and Do You Know How to Experience the Unlimited Christ? Orders have also come in from ads, posts, and stories on social media.

Just received The All-inclusive Christ today. Now to get to the task of internalizing it and living it all. Please keep me posted on new releases.–David, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Extending our
Online Presence

40,000 blog subscribers

3.1 million YouTube views

Through our online resources, we’re able to reach people across the globe. This past year alone, we had visitors to our website from nearly every nation in the world. While they can’t receive physical copies of the Bible or books, they read the blog posts, watch videos, and download the free e-books.

This year, we had 223,000 book downloads from our website. Of those, 79 percent were from outside the United States, with the majority coming from Africa, India, and the Philippines.

Sisters and brothers, I found The All-inclusive Christ on your Facebook page and downloaded it today. I haven’t gone through it yet, but I promise I will. I appreciate your effort to encourage born-again Christians through these books. May God bless you abundantly. Many thanks from Ethiopia.–Tenagne, Ethiopia

Spanish Blog Redesign and Relaunch

597,000 visitors

1.6 million page views

The Bibles for America Spanish Blog has been redesigned and updated to match our English blog. Nearly every month, we receive more visitors to the Spanish posts than to those in English. This year alone, there were over 500,000 visitors to the Spanish blog who came from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and other countries around the world, in addition to the United States.

Amen. This is a very valuable commentary that has removed doubts and confusion from my mind. Now I am more clear about loving God and our fellow man. — Olga, in response to the BfA Blog post “What Does It Mean to Love God with Our Whole Heart?”

Baptism Video

In August, we launched our new video, titled What is Baptism and Why is It So Important? The deep significance of baptism is vividly portrayed in this video by recounting the experience of the children of Israel in being delivered from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea.


in oneness with our Savior God that all those who receive the Bible and this ministry would be nourished and grow in the divine life.


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