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We are so thankful to the Lord for all He has done this year. The difficulties we've passed through have shown us how great mankind's need is for Christ and for His Word.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have been able to continue our operations and meet the increasing demand for free Bibles. Thousands of orders keep pouring in across the United States, and this year we've given away 20,000 more Bibles than any other year. In addition, people all over the globe are accessing our blog posts and e-books in ever-growing numbers. All this has been made possible by your prayers and the faithful support of our donors.

Thank you. It is both a blessing and by the grace of God that I got to your website and the generous offer of a free Bible. –Cayne, Tamaqua, PA

Giving Away Bibles & Books

135,000 Bibles given away

39,000 books given away

184,000 e-books downloaded

People all over the country have been so grateful to receive the gift of a free Bible, especially as they face such trying circumstances and feelings of isolation and loneliness. Some of the responses we've gotten from recipients have been deeply touching, and have highlighted the fact that people desperately need the true hope and peace that can only be found in the Word of God.

All it took was one time for me to read the New Testament when I was at my emotional worst and it changed my life. Everyone deserves that. The love of Jesus is priceless. I was so shocked when my Recovery Version Bible showed up and I felt someone actually cared. Truly a miracle. –Andy, Lindenhurst, IL

New Distribution Center

We thank the Lord for providing BfA with a new distribution center located in Anaheim, CA. We moved in at the end of February and began making improvements to streamline the Bible-packaging process. We invested in new machinery, including gravity-fed conveyor belts and a high-speed shrink wrap sealer, and organized our equipment and materials. This spacious facility, together with the updated infrastructure, has allowed us to significantly increase productivity and ship out Bibles more efficiently.

You can view a behind-the-scenes video tour of the new distribution center on our YouTube channel.

Spreading the Gospel with BfA Resources

This year, we launched a page called Share the Good News where we gathered all our digital gospel materials, including tracts, videos, blog posts, and podcast content. This page is designed to help Christians easily share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors.

Each tract presents the gospel of Jesus Christ from a different angle. Earlier this month, we published a new tract How Can I Know God Exists? It is aimed at people who think that God probably exists but have no idea how to contact Him.

Over the last several months, we've also been working to produce more gospel videos. This year, we've already launched 3 new videos titled Jesus, the Real Solution to Our Problem; The Greatest Truth in the Universe; and The Deep Significance of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

We are launching a gospel video campaign at the end of 2020 and plan on releasing new content each week. We will introduce this series by speaking about why we need to preach the gospel and how BfA resources can help, followed by six videos that present the good news.

Our prayer is that these videos and other wonderful gospel resources housed on Share the Good News will be widely shared in order to reach people who are in need of salvation.

Thank you for helping to spread the gospel and the good news of Jesus. –Joseph, Blakeslee, PA

The Bibles for America Blog

56,000 blog subscribers

4.5 million pageviews this year

This year, we have seen a remarkable increase in online engagement with the Bibles for America Blog. On average, our posts are viewed over 400,000 times each month by people all over the earth. So many believers are hungry to know the deeper truths in the Bible and are finding our blog.

In response to the staggering blog traffic, we invested resources to upgrade the navigation and overall look of the blog. Since 2013, we have published over 200 posts that cover a wide range of topics, from a believer's initial salvation to the growth and development of the Christian walk.

We hope that all the visitors to the blog would be able to find the posts that answer their questions and that when they read them, they would be nourished with God's Word and continue to grow in the divine life of God.

Thank you for your blog post, “How to Eat the Word of God.” Reading it was so satisfying, and I intend to practice what I have read. I look forward to letting you know the progress I am making by practicing to eat God's Word daily using what I've learned from this post.–Anonymous

Bibles for America on YouTube

10,700 subscribers

2.2 million views this year

As our blog posts gain more traction on search engines, we're also working on improving our YouTube channel to reach people on this platform as it continues to grow in popularity. We've already received 5.6 million views of all our videos on YouTube since its launch in 2012.

In September we began to refresh the look of our existing videos, and we're planning to regularly release new content. Our hope is that those who are seeking the Lord would find our videos and come to know God and the Bible in a deeper way.


in oneness with our Savior God, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth. Specifically, we can pray for the increasing number of Bible recipients throughout the country, that they would read the Word daily and mature in life. We can also pray for the thousands of people throughout the globe who read our blog and download our e-books, that the Lord would continue to feed and enlighten them.


for the spreading of God’s Word. Each gift will enable BfA to send out Bibles and books throughout the country, as well as reach people all over the globe with our online resources. Visit our Give page to make a one-time donation, or join the Sowers monthly giving program to help us effectively plan for the future.