Because of your prayers and support, thousands of people received our free Bible and books in 2016. We hope you enjoy reading about what the Lord has done in this year-end review.

This is one of the best, most clarifying Bibles I have ever read. I wish I could buy a couple dozen for family and friends. It has renewed my ability to understand a lot that has been confusing. Thank you from my heart! –Barbara, Gladstone, Michigan

BfA Goes on the Road— Northern California

11 cities visited

In September BfA staff members traveled to 11 locations throughout Northern California and joined local volunteers to give away free copies of the New Testament Recovery Version and books of ministry. Wherever we went, from Monterey to Santa Rosa, to Chico to Modesto, people were overjoyed to receive a free Bible right where they live.

Free Bibles by mail is such a generous and thoughtful gesture. I'm truly so fortunate to have found your website! Please keep up your amazing work and I will be donating as soon as I can afford to! –Brittany, Bakersfield, California

Volunteer Activity

In 2016, as in every year, volunteers across the country went out to give away Bibles and Christian books from BfA at local college campuses, county fairs, and community events.

This year volunteers in Alaska gave away thousands of copies of the New Testament Recovery Version, Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, and Spiritual Nourishment at the Anchorage Market and Festival, and at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

In September, volunteers in San Bernardino, California, gave away BfA materials at California State University, San Bernardino. In only two days of distribution, close to 200 Bibles went out to students, staff, and several members of the ROTC.

Thank you so very much! The gospel is getting into hands and hearts everywhere due to your dedication. I have learned so much through my studies that I was never aware of before. There were several parables and visions I never understood before now. How wonderful to grow spiritually.–Pati, Sterling, Alaska

New Books

In October of this year we released a new set of two free books: The Gospel of Life and The Knowledge of Life. Our free offerings now total 11 books.

This morning when I was in my morning prayer with God, I told Him I wanted to read and understand His word more. Then I came across Bibles For America's website and ordered four free books. God is moving on my behalf and thanks to you all for what you do!–Tracy, Nashville, Tennessee

Reaching People Online

Our blog continues to be an online resource for people in the U.S., and even all over the world, providing posts on important and practical topics on the Christian life and the Bible with over 650,000 people visiting the blog this year at least once.

The three most visited blog posts were 8 Verses that Show Jesus Christ Lives in You, What Is Consecration and Why Do I Need to Consecrate Myself to God?, and What Is the Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit? People found these posts mostly through Google searches, indicating their tendency to use the Internet to find answers to questions they have related to God and the Bible.

This year we added a videos page to the BfA website with 65 videos in English and a number also translated into Spanish and Korean. Now visitors to the BfA website can easily find and benefit from them.

In November we added a BfA page on Pinterest to reach its millions of users with pins leading to the BfA blog and order pages. In addition to Pinterest, we’re also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

I have subscribed to the blog and share my reading every week with others. I would like to thank you for this wonderful blog, which greatly nourishes me.–Di, Norman, Oklahoma

Our Website

The book order page now includes the option for readers to download the free books from the publisher. We hope offering a digital version will help us reach even more people with the riches in these books.

We are continuing to research and develop ways to reach people through the Internet in as widespread a way as possible. Please pray for this and look for changes we will implement next year, including a redesign of our website.

Please join us in this labor of love by praying and giving for the spread of God’s Word across America in 2017.


in oneness with our Savior God, who desires all men to be saved and to know the truth.


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