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Bible Study: Regeneration

19 Mar 2013

This Bible study uses verses and footnotes from the New Testament Recovery Version. You can find more study topics here. 

The word regeneration means “new birth.” Thus, to be regenerated is to be born again, to experience a new birth.

But what is this new birth? Is it merely a religious conversion? Is it to have a change in life through self-improvement, or to experience a new beginning by “turning over a new leaf”?

The New Testament has much to say about the new birth. It shows us clearly what it means to be regenerated, how we can be regenerated, and the result of being regenerated.

The Meaning of Regeneration:

  1. To be born again is not self-improvement; it is to be born of God with a new life, the life of God: John 1:12–13 and note 132; John 3:1–6 and notes 21, 31, and 62.
  2. To be born again is to be born of both water and the Spirit of God: John 3:5 and note 52.
  3. Regeneration is the greatest wonder, the greatest miracle, in the universe: 1 John 2:29 and note 297.

How We Can Be Regenerated:

  1. We are regenerated by the living and abiding word of God as...

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Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

20 Feb 2013

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commissioned us to share the gospel in Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all the creation.”

Sharing the gospel with others—our friends, relatives, and people we meet during the course of our day—is part of a normal, healthy Christian life, leading to much joy. Sometimes, though, we may have only a few minutes to say something, or we’re not quite sure what to say.

Bibles for America developed a series of gospel tracts to help people spread the good news of Christ. Now, we’ve turned them into blog posts so that each can be easily shared online. Each tract/post features a short word about God’s eternal salvation and closes with a prayer for the reader to pray to receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

1. Freed from the Fear of Death
2. The Third Part
3. The Big Question
4. Lost and Found
5. Is Jesus in Your Boat?

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